“In the beginning, I was worried pronunciation could be difficult for me. However, it has turned out to be quite simple. There are always different activities, the course is not boring and there’s always personalized feedback. I’ve been working on my pronunciation for 3 months and I’ve discovered that these lessons are the baseline to express yourself better in the English language. The method is clear, fun, and effective. Now I don’t feel embarrassed when speaking or asking questions.

“This course has allowed me to feel more confident when speaking English. It is very dynamic and Daniel is super patient. He always makes sure I keep on progressing.


“Daniel helped me to identify my pronunciation challenges and we started to work on them immediately. When I speak English, I feel more confident and I’m aware of the possibility to commit certain mistakes; however, those mistakes are no longer barriers to continue speaking. Prosody was one of the most interesting topics. Now I’m aware of the intonation and the intention of the communication based on it. Daniel is the most passionate teacher, he is truly committed to his students’ progress and to make them feel comfortable when communicating. Once you meet Daniel you understand that you are not paying for an English course, this is more a course to gain confidence while you practice English.”


I used to hesitate when I needed to have a conversation because I was not happy with my pronunciation. Now I can speak more fluently and clearly. The Pronunciation & Fluency training is dynamic and has great presentations that have allowed me to expand my vocabulary with useful phrases to express myself more naturally. This course is the best I have taken so far because it has allowed me to feel more confident in my work and trips.”


“At the beginning, I was expectant about the kind of exercises and how easy it would be to adapt these tips into my daily conversations and meetings. With this workshop, I became conscious of how I’d been communicating my ideas for a long time. I didn’t make tons of mistakes or mispronounced sounds but I’ve learned to stress and emphasize my messages better. In the conversation sessions, I learned that there’s always a way to improve and I also met people to practice my speaking skills with. Now I’m applying my new learning on phonetics into my conversations. The course is priceless because there’s a ‘before and after’ in the way you express your emotions and feelings. If you want people to listen to you, instead of just receiving criticism, take Pronunciation & Fluency.” 


“I have taken English lessons on different occasions. Until now, the process that I am having as a student has made me feel comfortable and interested. I started noticing changes in my confidence to start small talk and listen to other people speaking. What I’ve liked the most about the course is the active participation and interaction. The material has been very easy to work with because it focuses on important aspects of the structure and concept of the language. I like the focus on pronunciation because I had never had any experience in this aspect. The course adapts fast and simple practical learning.”


I lacked confidence because my English used to sound choppy. After completing Daniel’s course, I realized that I am capable of identifying sounds, which allows me to replicate them more accurately. I liked Daniel’s patience and the way he explains. This is about how you utilize your mouth and tongue to produce sounds and be understood when conversing. Many times, we believe we are unable of speaking properly but with this course, you will see that you are completely capable. Give it a shot; it’ll be the greatest method to invest your money if you’ve done everything to learn English.


“A friend of mine recommended this course to me. I have learned to identify the tenses, my pronunciation is much more fluent and I have also improved my listening comprehension. What I like the most is that classes are super dynamic and this makes time fly by. The course is highly recommended and is tailored to your needs. The teacher is very patient, he loves what he does and that will help you get excellent results.


“My insecurity to speak English led me to always postpone working on it. It has been easier for me to pronounce certain words, construct, pronounce complete sentences, & have full talks. Now, I understand some ways of pronouncing American English and I can do it too. I always feel free and safe to participate because Daniel and the team are very supportive. All the lessons are fun & dynamic because you learn and practice. If you want to continue studying English, join the pronunciation program. It will open up a different panorama to professional opportunities and personal satisfaction. It’s a fun and accessible way to invest in yourself.”


“I have noticed that my ability to listen has improved since I started this course. Now I can also structure sentences more easily. Daniel explains very clearly and allows the whole group to interact with each other, so classes are never boring. This course has helped me reinforce previous knowledge within a short period”. 


“I wasn’t sure I had the level to join this type of course and I didn’t know if the activities to be performed would have a positive impact on my English. After joining the program I started to feel more confident when expressing myself. My stress level has decreased when I need to speak on calls. I enjoyed the activities in the conversation sessions because they were always different and helped us to improve different skills such as improvisation, listening, and speaking. Also, the atmosphere in the course is exceptional because each student is free to be expressive and make mistakes without being criticized. If someone is not sure about taking the course, I would say that it is far away from the conventional English courses. I’ve never found this type of course and it helps you improve skills that normally you don’t identify as relevant (fluency, rhythm, intonation, etc.).”

“I took Pronunciation Confidence & Fluency because I needed to increase my listening and speaking skills. Now, I can keep conversations more confidently. I started to notice this when traveling on business and when holding meetings with people from other countries. I also learned many things about native pronunciation and this led my listening skills to improve. I left behind some of my communication concerns.”


I hesitated to speak English during interviews or meetings because I was afraid that no one would take me seriously because of my English. Now, I feel more confident & fluent, I have more initiative to speak frequently and listen to my pronunciation. The activities are always different and dynamic. The environment is really nice, Daniel is always happy and patient. I’ve learned that I don’t have to believe all the negative thoughts that I had about my English. Finally, I’ve learned that to advance with my English, I must have a clear objective and understand the language to enjoy it.”


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