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Hi! I’m Daniel.

I’m a pronunciation and fluency mentor. I can help you speak English clearly, confidently and remove the roadblocks that prevent you from communicating freely at work, school, or travel.

What if you could get the best version of your English?

Why is it important to work specifically on pronunciation and fluency?

Learning grammar is essential to know how ideas are structured and connected in spoken language. However, pronunciation and fluency techniques help you:

  • Sound with more clarity
  • Show conviction when speaking
  • Express emotions and intentions
  • Get what you need from conversations
  • Improve work performance.
  • Demonstrate language proficiency
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How is pronunciation related to listening comprehension?

When you learn how to speak, you do it by immitation. First, you recognize sounds and intonation patterns and then you replicate them to express yourself. When you work on your pronunciation and fluency, you learn how sounds are made and how intonation is used. This allows you to understand other speakers better, whether they are “native speakers” or not.

Do I need to sound like a “native”?

Absolutely not! You need to feel comfortable and happy with your English. You need to be conscious that you are working on discovering a new and better version of your English skills. Having an accent tells a lot about who you are. It demonstrates you are brave enough to express yourself in a language that you learned through hard work and effort.

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Introduction to Pronunciation

Do you want to know more about pronunciation and discover a part of what you’ll learn in my training?

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    "In the beginning, I was worried pronunciation could be difficult for me. However, it has turned out to be quite simple. There are always different activities, the course is not boring and there’s always personalized feedback. I’ve been working on my pronunciation for 3 months and I’ve discovered that these lessons are the baseline to express yourself better in the English language. The method is clear, fun, and effective. Now I don’t feel embarrassed when speaking or asking questions."

    "I took Pronunciation Confidence & Fluency because I needed to increase my listening and speaking skills. Now, I can keep conversations more confidently. I started to notice this when traveling on business and when holding meetings with people from other countries. I also learned many things about native pronunciation and this led my listening skills to improve. I left behind some of my communication concerns."

    José Manuel A.

    I hesitated to speak English during interviews or meetings because I was afraid that no one would take me seriously because of my English. Now, I feel more confident & fluent, I have more initiative to speak frequently and listen to my pronunciation. The activities are always different and dynamic. The environment is really nice, Daniel is always happy and patient. I’ve learned that I don’t have to believe all the negative thoughts that I had about my English. Finally, I’ve learned that to advance with my English, I must have a clear objective and understand the language to enjoy it.”
    Fernanda A.

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    My goal is not to make you speak like a “native” but to get the most out of you to help you discover the roadmap you need to reach your full potential. I will set real objectives through fun, enjoyable and dynamic training. You’ll see that with practice and dedication you’ll speak clearly, confidently, and most importantly, you’ll sound like yourself when speaking English.

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