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Hi! I’m Daniel.

I’m an English teacher and constant learner from Mexico. I had the opportunity to start learning this language since I was a kid. However, as for many other people, English was a pain for me.

I went to a school where all my classmates could communicate freely with an outstanding level of English; but there I was, never wanting to participate because I was afraid of making mistakes or mispronouncing words.  I needed to attend additional private classes with marvelous teachers who taught me that being constant was the key to success in the English language. After some years, I decided to become an English teacher. I got an Associate Degree in English as a Second Language and a Teacher Certification.

Then, I expanded the scope of my education with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering which helped me enter the electric power industry. This combination of careers has allowed me to help people understand their language needs in the business and corporate world.

Daniel PandF

My three basic beliefs are:


The voice of my customers and their feedback is always heard. This is the baseline to keep on improving my programs.


I set achievable and realistic goals. If my products are not aligned with your needs, be sure I’ll always let you know.

Continuous Learning

We need to be in constant transformation to get the best version of ourselves. As a member of the English Teachers Academy Program by Hadar Shemesh International based in Israel, I am on continuous accent and coaching training to provide valuable knowledge to my students.


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Claudia Pronunciationandfluency

Hi! I’m Claudia.

Hi! After spending several years in the U.S. and understanding how English confidence is needed to feel free in another country, I decided to do a major in Modern Languages. For more than 25 years, I have taught at different schools in Mexico to students of all ages. From children to executives, I will help you find the improvement you need in spoken Spanish and English. If you want to change the way you feel about your speaking skills because of limiting beliefs that you want to break apart, join us! You’ll discover a whole different method with guidance and support to help you reach your goals.

Claudia Pronunciationandfluency

Hello! I’m Migdalia.

Teaching is my life’s passion and I’ve been instructing students of all ages for 10 years. My years of experience as a teacher have helped me form a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and real world. In class, students will build their self-confidence in speaking a second language, overcoming the obstacles that this may imply. It’s a new way of teaching for students that are ready to reach their goals.


Claudia Pronunciationandfluency

Hi! I’m Elsa.

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and I was raised in Belize, Central America. I speak 4 languages: Mandarin (first language), English, Creole, and last but least, Spanish. I am fluent in the 4 languages. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and I work as an independent translator and language instructor. I’ve lived in Mexico for 11 years now. I love learning, teaching, exploring, renovating, critical thinking and collaborating with others! Lastly, I am also a climate change and social justice advocate. Feel free to ask or share with me your enquiries!

Claudia Pronunciationandfluency

Hello! I’m Lucas.

My name is Lucas Gianoli. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve studied English for over ten years, and spoke it for over twenty. Not only that, but I have been a full-time freelance online teacher for the previous half of the past decade. Now I’ve joined the Pronunciation and Fluency team to help you strengthen your English skills, just like I have done with my previous students. I hope to see you soon in class.”


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