pronunciation, confidence and fluency

An X-Ray analysis to identify your

pronunciation challenges.

I know you can already speak English but there’s something

that tells you that you can improve even more.


My Speech Analysis will help you discover:


Your pronunciation challenges.


A deep assessment of your speaking performance.


Recommended action items.

Get your Speech Analysis today!


370 MXN ( $18.5 USD)

and because I love BONUSES, you´ll also get:

A lesson for free!

“Effective Practice Techniques for Pronunciation and Prosody”

In this lesson, you’ll find my best practices, techniques, and resources to improve pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm when speaking English.

How does it work?

1. Submit your request.

2. Follow the instructions provided by email to provide your speech samples.

3. Get your speech analysis & bonus directly to your email.

This is what my students  say about my courses:

“I have noticed that my ability to listen has improved since I started this course. Now I can also structure sentences more easily. Daniel explains very clearly and allows the whole group to interact with each other, so classes are never boring. This course has helped me reinforce previous knowledge within a short period”.
Alexis VQZ.

“I took Pronunciation Confidence & Fluency because I needed to increase my listening and speaking skills. Now, I can keep conversations more confidently. I started to notice this when traveling on business and when holding meetings with people from other countries. I also learned many things about native pronunciation and this led my listening skills to improve. I left behind some of my communication concerns.”

José Manuel A.

I used to hesitate when I needed to have a conversation because I was not happy with my pronunciation. Now I can speak more fluently and clearly. The Pronunciation & Fluency training is dynamic and has great presentations that have allowed me to expand my vocabulary with useful phrases to express myself more naturally. This course is the best I have taken so far because it has allowed me to feel more confident in my work and trips.”
Itzel G.

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