pronunciation, confidence and fluency

Build an accent you can be proud of at work!

Simple accent training to sound clear, confident & natural.

Does this sound familiar?

You’d like to increase your exposure at work.

Your job requires good verbal communication skills.

You feel ‘fake’ when speaking English.

Communicating on business or leisure trips makes you anxious.


You avoid small talk.


People ask you to repeat things constantly.

You don’t feel confident enough to participate in meetings.

You want to meet people from other countries.

You want to deliver better presentations at work.

You get stuck when speaking.


You need to write your words before speaking.

Easy to understand, difficult to speak.

Then, you’re in the right place!





  • You’ve taken lots of grammar lessons! It’s time to apply all you’ve learned.
  • Pronunciation & fluency are not part of conventional programs.
  • Reaching the English level you want requires specific actions.
  • We’re overwhelmed with perfection & ‘speak like a native’ biases.

My program will help you if

you’re looking for:

  • Being a successful communicator.

  • Polishing your English.

  • Better work opportunities.

  • Being able to speak clearly.

  • Sounding more natural and convincing.

  • Feeling comfortable when speaking.

You’re about to:


Perceive sounds that don’t exist in your native language.


Discover how different sounds are made.

Integrate dynamic lessons with active daily practice.

Change the way you listen to English.


Integrate new intonation patterns into your speech.


Understand the rhythm of American English.

Feel more confident when speaking.


Feel the transformation of your spoken English.

Imagine yourself:

Participating actively in meetings to add value to the project you’re working on. 

Giving conferences in front of a global team.

    Being able to communicate in an international environment.

    Working without any communication concerns.

      Traveling and meeting new people without worrying about your English. 

      Speaking freely without feeling anxiety. 

        Being prepared in advance for that new job or promotion.

        About me:

         I’m an English teacher and a constant learner from Mexico. I had the opportunity to start learning this language since I was a kid. However, as for many other people, English was a pain for me.

        My goal is not to make you speak like a “native” but to get the most out of you to help you discover the roadmap you need to reach your full potential. I will set real objectives through fun, enjoyable and dynamic training for you to speak clearly & confidently. 

        This is what my students  say about my courses:

        Pronunciation, Confidence & Fluency

        In this group training, you will learn and implement some of the key concepts about pronunciation and intonation to make your accent clearer. You will start noticing changes in your ability to comprehend spoken messages and implementing different intonation patterns you don’t use in your native language.

        This training includes:

        12 training hours.

        Conversation club (8 hours).

        Practice material (PDF worksheets + audios)

        Personal feedback

        Access to Support & Follow-up Platform

        NEXT ROUND!

        May 21st, 2022 – July 9th, 2022


        10:00 a.m. – 13:00 p.m.



        Simple & practical sounds.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Learn and pronounce smoothly one of the most commonly substituted sounds by Spanish speakers. 

        -Get access to practice material and audios. 

        -Start noticing changes in your pronunciation and listen to English differently.

        -Practice kit


        Understanding vowel nuances.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Vowels can be challenging but not if you know the right technique to pronounce them.

        -Get access to practice material and audios. 

        -Recognize words that sound similar and learn how to distinguish them.

        -Practice kit


        The music of English

        ($600MXN / $29 USD).

        -Understand the music of English.

        -Add emotion and intention to your speech.

        -Improve clarity and intelligibility.

        -Communicate with more confidence.

        -Practice kit


        A subtle change, a huge difference.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Speak more clearly by changing the tension of your lips. 

        -Continue working with gesticulation exercises.

        -Practice with confusing words.

        -Practice kit


        Gesticulating for clarity.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -The importance of the articulation organs to pronounce clear sounds. 

        -Using physical and visual aids to improve diction.

        -Understand similarities between British and American dialects. 

        -Practice kit


        Let your English flow.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Hacks to prevent ‘choppy’ speaking.

        -Rhythm exercises

        -Get rid of monotonous speech.

        -Practice kit


        Recognizing different sounds.

        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Distinguish and pronounce the three most confusing sounds of English. 

        -Incorporation of module 5.

        -TED talk analysis.

        -Practice kit



        ($600MXN / $ 29 USD).

        -Speech analysis.

        -Identification of intonation patterns.

        -Melody and rhythm. 

        -Identify pronunciation challenges. 

        -Practice kit.


        Overview: Pronunciation & Accent

        (150 MXN / $ 7 USD)

        Speech Analysis Methodology

        (150 MXN / $ 7 USD)




        8 conversation club sessions to socialize in English, share experiences, work on challenges and apply the knowledge you get from the training sessions.

        (1,200 MXN / $ 58 USD)

        When you add it all up, that’s a value of

        6,450 MXN / $ 312.5 USD.

        But because I am super excited to welcome you into my course,  you can enroll today at a special price of just:

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What if I don’t have enough time to work on my course?

        The course requires 1.5 hours a week for the weekly training and 1 hour for the conversation club. When we don’t have classes, you will need to practice using the practice calendar for no more than 15 minutes a day. Do you have 15 minutes a day? Think of it, that’s the time we invest in other things like social media, watching TV, etc. Here, you will use those 15 minutes a day for getting a transformation for your English that will bring valuable improvements to your life.

        My English level is not ‘advanced’

        You don’t need to have a C1 (advanced level) to join this course. This course is suitable for you if you can already keep an informal conversation and if you already use English in your job. The purpose of the course is to help you sound different and more confident. If you still doubt your English is enough, let’s schedule an interview to know more about your level of English. 

        How long does it work?

        The course takes 2 months. The benefits of this course will go on as you continue practicing after the course finishes. You will have the tools that you need to identify your pronunciation challenges and continue working on them on your own for as long as you want!

        What if I can’t join live?

        If you cannot attend one live session, you will get the replay of the weekly training so you can watch it and do your work for that given week.

        It’s too expensive

        This program is like no other, we’ll learn the secrets of pronunciation, accent, rhythm, and mindset to speak English the way you always wanted to do it. It is an investment for your personal life and your career with results that you will be able to see and continue seeing even after the course is over.

        Discover if you’re a candidate for this training

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