pronunciation, confidence and fluency

What if your team could speak English more confidently?

English is important in the corporate world

because it opens doors to:

International collaboration within organizations.

Acceleration of employees’ learning curve.

Access to a wider pool of talent for companies.

Adaptability and flexibility within cross-functional teams.

Productivity and opportunity to evolve to new positions.

If you need your

teams to


  • Be able to comprehend written and spoken messages. 
  • Express themselves fluently and spontaneously.
  • Use language effectively for professional purposes. 
  • Produce clear, structured, and detailed texts.
  • Interact with stakeholders and customers naturally.

I’m here to help you.

About me:

I’m an English teacher and a constant learner from Mexico. I had the opportunity to start learning this language since I was a kid. However, as for many other people, English was a pain for me. I went to a school where all my classmates could communicate freely with an outstanding level of English; but there I was, never wanting to participate because I was afraid of making mistakes or mispronouncing words. I needed to attend additional private classes with marvelous teachers who taught me that being constant was the key to success in the English language. After some years, I decided to become an English teacher. I got an Associate Degree in English as a Second Language and a Teacher Certification. Then, I expanded the scope of my education with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering which helped me enter the electric power industry. This combination of careers has allowed me to help people understand their language needs in the business and corporate world.

My goal is not to make you speak like a “native” but to get the most out of you to help you discover the roadmap you need to reach your full potential.I will set real objectives through fun, enjoyable and dynamic training. You’ll see that with practice and dedication you’ll speak clearly, confidently, and most importantly, you’ll sound like yourself when speaking English.

This is what my students  say about my courses:

“I have noticed that my ability to listen has improved since I started this course. Now I can also structure sentences more easily. Daniel explains very clearly and allows the whole group to interact with each other, so classes are never boring. This course has helped me reinforce previous knowledge within a short period”.
Alexis VQZ.

“I took Pronunciation Confidence & Fluency because I needed to increase my listening and speaking skills. Now, I can keep conversations more confidently. I started to notice this when traveling on business and when holding meetings with people from other countries. I also learned many things about native pronunciation and this led my listening skills to improve. I left behind some of my communication concerns.”

José Manuel A.

I used to hesitate when I needed to have a conversation because I was not happy with my pronunciation. Now I can speak more fluently and clearly. The Pronunciation & Fluency training is dynamic and has great presentations that have allowed me to expand my vocabulary with useful phrases to express myself more naturally. This course is the best I have taken so far because it has allowed me to feel more confident in my work and trips.”
Itzel G.

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