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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my English grammar?

If you’re looking for grammar improvement, my first recommendation is to know your grammar baseline. You can reach out to me if you want to take a diagnostic test. Then, we can have a short interview so I know more about your use of language. When we finish, I can give you some recommendations based on your results and you’ll be able to work on your grammar on your own. However; if you want to simplify your learning journey, you can join any of my grammar courses that will help you implement what you learn on the go. 

How can I improve my English pronunciation?

The first step is to work on your perception skills because we cannot replicate a sound that we cannot recognize. Then, once you can perceive the sounds that are challenging for you, you need to start implementing this sound in simple words. Finally, little by little, start using the sound in more complex challenges. Being constant will help you develop ‘muscle memory’ which will help you use the sound automatically when you need it.

Do I need to speak like a 'native'?

First of all, you’d need to think about ‘native’ from where. English is not a language that belongs to one or two countries. It is a language that belongs to the world and that has different accents and dialects. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound the same in every English-speaking country. You don’t need to speak like a ‘native’. It is necessary that you speak like yourself, that you are clear, and that you can communicate with the least amount of challenges to satisfy your needs.

Can I get rid of my accent?

It is possible but this is not the kind of training I offer. I offer transformation and confidence. We need our accent because this is part of who we are. Having an accent means we can communicate in more than one language. It also means that we were able to learn how to express our ideas differently. Finally, it shows that we have invested lots of dedication to communicate freely in a different language. We must own our accent and polish it to make it sound clear and expressive.

Can I work on my fluency without working on my pronunciation?

Of course, you can. However, pronunciation will make you feel less worried about the clarity of your ideas. Additionally, working on pronunciation will get some brownie points to increase fluency because it will help you connect sounds more easily.

Will I be able to speak faster?

Clarity is more important than speed at the moment of speaking. Would you rather speak faster with poor intelligibility or speak at a natural pace with confidence so that everything you say can be understood?

Why is English pronunciation so difficult?

To pronounce a sound, we need to learn how to perceive it. Then we need to learn what to do with our mouth, tongue, lips, and teeth to be able to imitate and pronounce it. Perception is the very first step to improve pronunciation. The rest will rely on the development of muscle memory (I’ll help you with this as well).

Do I need to move to a different country to improve my English?

No, it is not necessary. Some people have been living abroad for ages and still struggle with English. To improve your English you need determination, practice, and the establishment of reachable goals with the adequate method. We need to replace the long hours of practice with short practices focused on the most important things we need to improve.

What is the best way to practice my English?

Today we have a lot of resources to practice English. A lot of people say that they watch movies with subtitles and listen to music in English. That is good practice and there’s much more we can do besides that. What if you used all the resources that the internet and smartphones have for you? You can use social media to create content, meet people, create an exclusive English-learning profile where you can record your voice as you learn English (a lot of people do this on IG), you can also find groups and English-learners’ communities on Facebook, download Clubhouse to participate in talks about your favorite topics with people from all around the world, use apps such as Duolingo to keep on learning things about grammar, and most importantly, discover how you can love the language. This way, English is going to become part of your life, and you’ll enjoy your learning process.

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